Jet Fuel Jet A1



Jet Fuel Jet A1

JET A-1 is an aviation fuel formerly known as “kerosene” which is suitable for most jet aircraft.

It meets stringent international requirements, particularly those of the latest versions of the AFQRJOS, the British DEF STAN 91-91 standard, the ASTM D1655 standard, and the NATO F-35 specification.

It has a minimum flashpoint of 38°C  and a maximum freezing point of -47°C.

JET A-1 is the principal fuel used for jet turbine engines. It is also used in general aviation for compatible diesel engine planes.

The kerosene we produce is compatible with the Jet A-1 specifications laid down by the AFQRJOS (Aviation Fuel Quality Requirements for Jointly Operated Systems). We developed the Quality Assurance System for Aviation Kerosene which has systematized quality monitoring procedures. The laboratory tests and assays are checked periodically by means of audits and inter-lab programs.

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