Fuel Oil CST 180


Fuel Oil CST 180

This is a type of fuel oil that is a fraction obtained from petroleum distillation. This can be either as a residue or as a distillate.


Generally speaking, CST 180 fuel oil is any liquid petroleum that can be burned in a boiler or furnace that ultimately generates heat or used for the generation of power in engines.


CST 180 that meets the GOST Standards (which are the Russian standards) are available in four grades: Very Low Sulfur, Low Sulfur, Normal and High Sulfur.


Very Low Sulfur CST 180 generally tends to have higher prices since it is purer and it demands more complex refining techniques in order to be produced. It also tends to burn “cleaner” than the grades that have additional sulfur.


CST 180 fuel oil can be used for heating businesses, homes and factories. It is also used as maritime fuel on large ships and also can help generate power.

CST 180 differs from CST 380 in that CST 180 has a maximum viscosity at 180 Centistokes while CST 380 has a maximum viscosity at 380 Centistokes.

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